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Readers of The Kaleidoscope
A Book Club
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Readers of The Kaleidoscope - A Book Club
Acquire your preferred style of the chosen literary work and follow along with your fellow club members at your own pace or the pace set forth by the group.
Take the current book and topic set on to the discussion floor in written word and activities and bi-monthly group calls.
Learn ways to take your newly acquired information and incorporate in into your personal life.
Readers of The Kaleidoscope
A Book Club
  •  Private group space for open discussion
  • Leader-led weekly in-groups discussions
  •  Bi-monthly FB Live / Zoom calls
Each month a new book will be chosen in the realms of sex, love and/or relationships for the club members to enjoy.

Books literally changed my life, especially my sex life!  

Books also changed the way I viewed myself and my capacity to love within my relationships.

I look forward to hosting this monthly book club for all of my beloved Kaleidoscope members. Each month we will have a different book to dig into based upon my experience as a sex and relationship educator and coach.
My goal for the book club is to guide and support you while you absorb the information and stories put forth by the suggested literature.

As the book club leader, I will inspire conversations surrounding key topics being discussed in the books. I will also conduct at least 2 live video chats within our group space so that we can all get to know each other, have real-time conversations and share what we are experiencing as well as have people to work through integration and acceptance with.

Every month links will be provided to purchase the hard copy of the book, the e-reader and the audio version so that you may choose which one works best for you.

I believe knowledge is power is confidence and having all that in your sex life is magic! 

Love you,

    Nothing turns me on more than knowledge!
    I can't wait to begin to sexy journey with you!
    Alexa Martinez
    Founder Of Violet Butterfly
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